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The Undeniable Joy of Sea Glass Collecting

What thrills me about sea glass collecting? Why do I love it so much? There’s nothing more restful to me than spending the day at the beach, enjoying the crash of the ocean’s waves, soaking in the scent of the beach, and being calmed by the sounds of the ebb and flow of the waves, and the tangy salty taste in the air. I fully engaged in my 5 senses as I feel the wet sand squish between my toes.

After months of sheltering at home, I’m ready for an adventure. I hear the beach calling to me and I can’t wait to answer the call. The weather has been stormy weather for a few days now, wonderful beachcombing weather. Our hopes are raised, and we eagerly anticipate the search for sea glass. The morning sun greets us aiding us in our search. The sunlight reflects off the hidden sea glass. Our entire family shares in the joy of discovering sea glass this trip.

Over the course of the day, we visit four beaches , and are now at our final beach of the day. We enjoy chatting with the few beachcombers we have met on these windy days. But at our last beach, the comradery of sea glass lovers blesses us. A family with young children searches the beach nearby us. Their goal for the days was to find green sea glass. They joyfully share a beautiful piece of turquoise sea glass with me.

Needless to say, as I experience the sense of belonging to the sea glass community, my family is also sharing in the joy of this journey. Join me on this journey and marvel at the beauty of sea glass.