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Touch Nature Global, Making a Difference

Touch Nature

“Touch Nature Global is a freedom business that provides employment to trafficked women by giving them a way out through the handmade soaps. The founder of this company, Josephine saw the plight of mothers in Nepal and felt called to help them.”( quote from website)

In 2004 , I learned firsthand of the work Touch Nature does while visiting the country of Nepal . I observed women making candles and soap. At their plant nursery, I saw the plants grown and harvested for essential oils. I met Josephine and was able to see her enthusiasm and joy for this ministry, and the women she works with. Touch Nature provides childcare , and a safe haven for these families.

So what part can you play in supporting these women?

Purchase Touch Nature handmade soaps and candles as a gift to yourself or for someone


Become a social media volunteer Like, comment and share on social media to increase awareness. Website: Visit their Instagram, or Facebook page.

Josephine said, ” Touch Nature to me, is a safe haven. It has provided light that has brought many out of the darkness of slavery, trafficking and poverty. Alongside with my team here at Touch Nature, we hope to empower more women to step out of darkness. I believe that through Touch Nature many will be reached, rescued and restored.“( website)

Touch Nature, From Visit to Nepal 2005

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

Mother Teresa