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Sharing Sonoma Coast Sea Glass Adventures

Sonoma coast sea glass can be found along many of the beaches in Sonoma county. Sonoma coast in Northern California has more than 55 miles of shoreline. There are more than a dozen beaches to explore. There are sandy beaches, rocky beaches, and cliffs to explore. Whether your passion is sea glass collecting like mine, or beachcombing, birdwatching, hiking, whale watching or photography. There is sure to be a beach that will satisfy your passion.

The beach I chose to explore was a beach with many shingles. A shingle is a beach made up of stone, pebbles, and small rocks. At this beach, as seen in the photo below, the rocks were very colorful. This added to the challenge of finding sea glass. I find different methods of collecting sea glass work well depending on my mood and the conditions. I sometimes walk along the beach and look for sea glass as I slowly walk by. When the weather and the tide conditions are favorable, I like to walk along the water’s edge and get my feet wet, as I look for sea glass at the water’s edge. This beach was so inviting that I sat down in the midst of one of the large shingles, and sorted through the tiny pebbles, raking the pebbles with my fingers. I found several tiny pieces of sea glass hiding in the piles of pebbles. I love collecting these tiny pieces and putting them in a glass locket necklace or a little corked treasure bottle.

Collecting sea glass in California means being prepared for all weather, as it may be hot at times, but also it may be cold and foggy. Of course just after a winter storm may be the best time, as the stormy seas cause more sea glass and other materials to wash up on the beach. It is important to know the tide times when you visit an area, as it is possible to get a stranded on a beach when the tide is rising, if you are not attentive to these details.

Sea glass in shingle

In addition there are other treasures to discover. We enjoyed a stay at The Inn at the Tides in Bodega Bay to allow a little more time to enjoy the surrounding beauty. Our room had an ocean view, the grounds were lovely, and the staff were welcoming and provided us with a bottle of wine to celebrate a special occasion. We dined at Terrapin Creek, a Michelin guide rated restaurant, and were so happy not only with the warm welcoming vibe, but the wonderful service and mouth watering meals.

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Experiencing Awe at the Beach

What is Awe

When I visit the beach, I often experience awe. Awe is defined as an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like:

In addition, when I experience awe, it is the sensation that causes you to stop and take a deep breath and fully experience the joy of the moment. Experiencing awe results in a feeling calm,and relaxed. Physical manifestations of awe include an improved mood. To learn more about awe, I recommend the book, “The Power of Awe by Michael Amster and Jake Eagle

Spending time at the beach experiencing awe;

As an example, when beachcombers spend time at the beach, we marvel at the majesty of the waves. We hear the sounds of the sea. In addition, we smell the salty tang in the air . We sense a feeling of awe or marvel, fully absorbed in the moment. We gaze at the treasures at our feet, shells, sea glass, anemones, and breathe in deep the wonder of it all, captivated. I find my focus shifts and I experience a sublime sense of awe.

Beach in Southern Oregon
Beach in Oregon

As I create sea glass art and sea glass jewelry, I hope is that you revisit the beauty of the sea and the peaceful serenity that is experienced there.

Sea glass art

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Celebrating 2 Years

Finding sea glass
Finding Sea Glass

It’s hard to believe that I am now celebrating 2 years as Susan’s Jewels of the Sea. I didn’t realize when I picked up that first piece of sea glass that I was starting a new chapter of my life as business owner, entrepreneur, and sea glass jewelry designer. I’m so thankful for this journey and all the people I have met along the way, and for the support of family and friends.

I learned how to build a website, market my business on social media, photograph my jewelry, and further develop my skills as a jeweler. I enrolled in online jewelry courses , took silversmithing classes at a local jewelry studio, and began selling my jewelry at an artist’s collective.

Susan’s Jewels of the Sea

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Meet the Maker at Susan’s Jewels of the Sea

Let me introduce myself

I’m Susan, the creator and founder of Susan’s Jewels of the Sea. I design sea glass jewelry using real, collected sea glass. My goal is to create joy and inspire you. I find my inspiration by the sea. I love the story of transformation in our own lives and how this is illustrated by sea glass, when what was once considered trash is refined by the storms into something beautiful.

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Sunny Sea Glass Travels on Washington Ferries

Sea glass travels in Washington involve some ferry travel to access all the islands. The SanJuan Islands Islands comprise over 400 islands and over 478 miles (769 km) of shoreline.  There is an extensive ferry system that allows acccess to explore these islands, each with unique features and attractions.

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Touch Nature Global, Making a Difference

Touch Nature

“Touch Nature Global is a freedom business that provides employment to trafficked women by giving them a way out through the handmade soaps. The founder of this company, Josephine saw the plight of mothers in Nepal and felt called to help them.”( quote from website)

In 2004 , I learned firsthand of the work Touch Nature does while visiting the country of Nepal . I observed women making candles and soap. At their plant nursery, I saw the plants grown and harvested for essential oils. I met Josephine and was able to see her enthusiasm and joy for this ministry, and the women she works with. Touch Nature provides childcare , and a safe haven for these families.

So what part can you play in supporting these women?

Purchase Touch Nature handmade soaps and candles as a gift to yourself or for someone


Become a social media volunteer Like, comment and share on social media to increase awareness. Website: Visit their Instagram, or Facebook page.

Josephine said, ” Touch Nature to me, is a safe haven. It has provided light that has brought many out of the darkness of slavery, trafficking and poverty. Alongside with my team here at Touch Nature, we hope to empower more women to step out of darkness. I believe that through Touch Nature many will be reached, rescued and restored.“( website)

Touch Nature, From Visit to Nepal 2005

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

Mother Teresa

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Heart of Africa Necklaces

My heart has been touched as I have traveled in the past as a medical professional, but what has left a lasting impression on me has been the number of childrens that are orphaned. Did you know that 12% of children in Uganda are orphans, over 2 million by Unicef estimates? I was shocked to learn this. What can you do?

I have formed a relationship with an orphanage in Uganda, Hope for Africa Missions Orphans Ministry. They provide loving care to over 120 children. My goal is to offer an opportunity for people to purchase a Heart of Africa necklace with proceeds from every necklace sale going directly to the orphans.

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10 Reasons To Love Sea Glass

Jewels of the Sea, Unsplash Josh Sortino

1. Just like you, each piece of sea glass is unique.

2. Each piece bears the marks of its journey.

3. True color shines through the imperfections.

4. Age creates a beautiful layer of frost.

5. Each new discovery of sea glass brings you joy.

6. Some pieces are hidden awaiting your discovery.

7. Other pieces of sea glass are readily visible bringing instant joy.

8. Sea glass once trash is now considered treasure.

9. Sea glass unites people around the world in celebrations of awe and wonder.

10. Sea glass reminds me of the work of transformation that occurs in my life .