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10 Reasons To Love Sea Glass

Jewels of the Sea, Unsplash Josh Sortino

1. Just like you, each piece of sea glass is unique.

2. Each piece bears the marks of its journey.

3. True color shines through the imperfections.

4. Age creates a beautiful layer of frost.

5. Each new discovery of sea glass brings you joy.

6. Some pieces are hidden awaiting your discovery.

7. Other pieces of sea glass are readily visible bringing instant joy.

8. Sea glass once trash is now considered treasure.

9. Sea glass unites people around the world in celebrations of awe and wonder.

10. Sea glass reminds me of the work of transformation that occurs in my life .

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All About Sea Glass

All About Sea Glass

Before cities used landfills, people buried or burned their garbage on the outskirts of towns. Unwanted glass was often dumped onto beaches, finding its way into the rivers and oceans. This is where transformation to sea glass begins.

Because glass is unrivaled in its sustainability , what was tossed in to the ocean 30-50 years appears on our shores today as sea glass. The history of a location is key to understanding found sea glass .

The ocean’s currents transforms the appearance of ordinary glass. Chemical changes result in the cloudy appearance of sea glass. The soda and lime, used in the making of the glass are leached out by the salt water. Minerals are deposited which contributes to its sparkle.

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Sea Glass Transformed

Sea glass is known for its polished, smooth appearance. The sharp or rough edges of glass are polished by the oceans currents, rocky shores and coarse sand.

Sea glass is seen as a symbol of renewal and healing with a new purpose found for broken pieces. Broken bottles, dishes or decorative glass previously of no use, are transformed into a thing of beauty over time. Sea glass is valued by collectors world wide.